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Will Microsoft Buy Yahoo?

After Google last weekly claiming the 1st spot as the most visited site on the web and its continue growth and merges maybe be leading to the other big competitors to think about a merger in order to keep up with Google. Google’s growth over the last couple of years had increased tremendously with many new products and buying of YouTube and potential buying of DoubleClick.

Yahoo and Microsoft have previously talked about mergers in the past but due to the rapid growth of Google services and offerings may now lead to the marriage of the 2 of Google’s biggest competitors.

How much will Microsoft pay for Yahoo is a big question? Microsoft probably has the cash to buy Yahoo but the bigger question is the different climate and cultures of the two companies and how well they are suited with each other.

Let’s wait and see; in the meantime some options players have made some great money on the quick upswing in Yahoo’s price. Good luck to those.

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