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Kajra re - Navel-gazing, desi style

Bollywood's hottest dance number 'Kajra re' has the camera focusing long and lovingly on Aishwarya Rai's belly button, signalling the arrival of a new body part in fashion.

Waistline lingo is here to stay as ads and TV shows zoom in on the slimness, flatness and well-toned terrain of the stomach. The newfound quest for the perfect midriff has turned the navel into a searing centerpiece of the female anatomy.

In streamlined suits or sophisticated lehengas (skirts) or even jeans and tees, a belle's belly button manages to peep out with touching regularity.

However, suddenly the bare midriff is all about the language of Art Nouveau. And yet if one does have to look critically at the culture of Indian couture, the midriff is very much a part of history thanks to the sari.

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