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The Indian Idol Finals and The Winner Is?

Sony TV Show Indian Idol
The Indian Idol Finals and The Winner Is?
Date: 04/23/2006
Guest Stars: Kajol
The Indian Idol 2 Finals. The 2 finalists went head to head till the end. This episode included the return of all the Indian Idol contents and they all performed a couple of songs for the audience. After a long wait the winner was announced. Sandeep Acharya was crowed Indian Idol 2 by the public beating out the heavliy favoured NC Karunya. NC Karunya went through the whole contest with the best complements and was heavliy to win, but it was Sandeep Acharya that got the most votes and won the title of Indian Idol 2. Abhijeet Sawant also made an apperaence and sang a song and then later presented the Indian Idol crown to the winner, Sandeep Acharya. We feel that Karunya should have been given he has better signing talnet, but this just goes to show you how many people you know and how many votes they give. Everyone could have been feeling that Karunya was getting so many good comments from the judeges that no one vote for Sandeep and hence could have giving him votes? Let's hope this was not the case.

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